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Stone sculpture the God Shiva 13th century

Period : 16th century

Materials : Sterpentine stone

Dimensions : l. 18.11 inch X H. 37.01 inch X P. 8.66 inch

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Price : 12000€

Sculpture in serpentine stone representing Shiva Hindu god, member of the Trimurti, with Brahma and Vishnu. He is the creator, the preserver, the transformer, the concealer, and the revealer, in the Shivaist tradition of Hinduism. Represented with a 3rd eye, a cobra symbol of power, he wears a trident, a ball drum, often a tiger skin. From his hair flows the Ganges, and he rides the bull Nandi. He is accompanied by his dog and by emaciated gnomes, haunting fields and crematoria to the sound of a trumpet carved into a thigh bone and percussion instruments, and lives on Mount Kailash, in the Himalayas. Breaks in the stone erosion, with a missing arm. See “sculpture of India”, A. Neven.
There is a similar work at the Guimet Museum, Paris.
South India, South Karnataka, 13th century

Availability : Sold