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A French Egyptian Revival table in exotic wood. Early 20th century

Signature : n/a
Époque : 20th century
Matériaux : Exotic woods , mahogany , bowwood
Disponibilité : Vendu

Spectacular Egyptian Revival table in exotic woods, rosewood, boxwood, mahogany, etc. … anthropomorphic and zoomorphic decorations, palmyform side legs ending in feline paws.
The Egyptian Revival Style emerged after Bonaparte’s expedition and the reading of the “Description of Egypt” of 1809, and although it goes back to earlier times, it was an exceptional craze that even China and India did not arouse. They reused decorative elements and themes borrowed from a civilization that had fallen into the oblivion into which Hellenism, Christianity and Islam had led to.
France, or England, 1st quarter of the 20th century