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A” Nuremberg Chest Safe” Germany 17th century

Signature : n/a
Époque : XVIIe siècle
Matériaux : Iron, oil painting
Dimensions : L. 30.71 inch X l. 30.71 inch X H. 15.75 inch X P. 17.72 inch
Disponibilité : Vendu

Manufactured from the 17th century, mainly in Nuremberg, Germany, a city that had made a specialty of it, they are made of iron plates with a complex locksmithing mechanism with 6 or 8 bolts, hidden under a decorative plate engraved here with two double-headed eagles. Large entry of the lock, fake, the real one being hidden on the top. The impressive key makes it possible to open the flap which is held open by a bar fixed in the interior frame. This piece has the particularity of being decorated with floral paintings, with its original polychromy. The objective was of course decorative, but also to protect from rust. The chest was transported to Holland to be decorated, which would increase the cost and value of the object. Germany, 17th c. Open dimension: 0,80m high.