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Large lacquered wood Buddha, Burma, 19th c.

Signature : n/a

Period : 19th century

Materials : Wood, lacquer and gold traces

Dimensions : l. 15.75 inch X H. 32.68 inch X P. 12.6 inch

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Price : 12 000 €€

The adorned Buddha, seated in vajraparyanka, in the position of “Bhumisparsa mùdra”, or taking the earth as a witness, represents the awakening of Buddha, and symbolises the victory over Mâra, god of desires, death and demons. He thus reaches the enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.
This gesture appears for the Thai as the illustration of the greatest of miracles, and represents the summit of the life of Buddha.
Here, the treatment of the crown is characteristic of the Shan State style, Myanmar (Burma), 19th c.

Availability : In stock