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Christ in Glory or Majesty end of the 15th century

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Period : 15th century

Materials : Wood, polychromy

Dimensions : l. 19.29 inch X H. 42.52 inch X P. 11.81 inch

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Price : 15 000€

Large wooden sculpture, partially polychromed, carved in the round, representing Christ in glory, sitting on a throne, blessing with his right hand, the left hand resting on a globe, a triangular map of the world .
The theme of the Glorious Christ, beyond the earthly world, contrasts with the other scenes of the earthly life of Jesus (who here fulfilled his mission as “Saviour”) by a non-realistic treatment of a codified hieratic figure.
He is represented from the front, bearded, long hair, fixed features.
Christ in majesty is standing or sitting on a throne, with a variable position of the hands: here, he blesses the assembly with his right hand, joining the index and middle fingers, while the ring and little fingers touch the thumb. This symbolises the two natures, divine and human, that Christ unites in him, as well as the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three states of the divinity are not represented by three states of the body, but by the fingers forming three “groupings”.
The original polychromy remains, xylophages (a process long since stopped by injecting a hardening product), four fingers redone on the right hand.
Italy, Abruzzo region, end of the 15th century.

Availability : In stock