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Buddha Thailand 19th century

Period : 19th century

Materials : Lacquer, bronze, gilt

Dimensions : l. 27.17 inch X H. 38.19 inch X P. 13.78 inch

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A sitting Buddha in lacquered and gilt bronze, in the position of the earth touching gesture. (Bhumisparsa mùdra).
This attitude represents Buddha’s Enlightenment. It holds a very great place in Thai imaginary, because it symbolizes the victory over Mâra (great god of desires, death and demons). This gesture appears for the Thai people as the illustration of the greatest of miracles and represents the peak of Buddha’s life.
The base is missing, the gilt is lacking in some areas and chipped .
Some damage at the bottom right of the base.
Rattanakosin style, Rama III period, 2nd quarter of the 19th century.

Availability : Sold