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Painting Gothic revival scêne ,oil on canvas signed G.Castiglione,circa 1880 la credence antique store paris

Oil on canvas signed G.Castiglione

        • Status : In stock
        • Signature : G.Castiglione ( 1829-1908)
        • Period : 19th century
        • Materials : Oil on canvas
        • Dimensions : l. 26.38 inch X H. 35.43 inch
        • Price : 3 800 €€


Gothic revival scêne ,oil on canvas signed G.Castiglione,circa 1888
A Troubadour style painting , depicting a young musician playing a melody to a young woman sitting on a curule seat, seeming to compose a bouquet. We see a tapestry with a historical or mythological scene, included in the panelling. The place opens onto the outside, but you can’t see on what, although you think of the Venetian laguna.
Signed lower right G. Castiglione (1829-1908) Born in Naples, he settled in Paris at the beginning of his career and it is assumed that he worked there immediately, to exhibit there as well as in Turin. Honorable distinction at the 1891 show, bronze medal at the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

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