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Fresco Saint Georges Italy, circa 1500

Period : 15th century

Materials : Fresco

Dimensions : L. 49.21 inch X H. 36.22 inch

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Rare fresco representing  St. George slaying the dragon under the walls of Silenus, in the Roman province of Libya.
St. George of Lydda, born in 280 in Mazaca, Cappadocia, and canonized in 494, is a holy saroctone, known for having slain the dragon according to “The Golden Legend” by James of Voragina.
Patron saint of Christian knighthood , of Great Britain since 800, of Georgia, and of gunsmiths.
It is an allegory of the victory of the Christian faith over the devil, or more broadly of good over evil.
The scene was probably part of a larger representation frescoed on a wall. The scene was probably part of a larger fresco painted on a wall. The technique “A “strappo” was employed here, in which the painting was detached from the structure of which it was part, in order to mount it onto the canvas, probably to preserve it from total loss.
Tuscany, end of the 15th-beginning of the 16th century.

Availability : Sold