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Martyr – Italian School circa 1580

Signature : n/a

Period : 16th century

Materials : Oil on copper

Dimensions : l. 12.99 inch X H. 17.72 inch

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Price : 4 000 €€

Oil on copper representing the martyrdom of an unidentified saint (the angels passing over the scene) and bringing him the palm and the crown of martyrs, without any specific attribute allowing to identify him.
Some men-at-arms, two of whom have left their armor, which can be seen in the lower left corner, seem to be killing the saint, with his hands tied to the post. One thinks instantly of the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, killed by pricking, the arrows having not had their effect, but there are no traces of wounds left by the arrows. The assistance observes the scene in a passive way, and the figure sitting in the first row, on the edge of a sort of vault, turns his head nonchalantly towards the spectator.
Northern Italy, end of the 16th century. Size with antique frame in natural wood: 73×63 cm
This work may form a pair with the “Adoration of a Holy Martyr to the Virgin and Child” presented at the gallery and visible on the site.
wear, oxidations, restorations.

Availability : In stock