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Large Symbolist Painting” Maternity “circa 1890

Signature : n/a
Époque : 19th century
Matériaux : Oil on canvas
Dimensions : l. 47.24 inch X H. 40.15 inch
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Oil on canvas representing a woman holding a child on her knees, surrounded by two young children holding roses, one with his hands joined as a sign of prayer or adoration. In the background, a lush vegetation. The scene is particular and can give way to another interpretation: we are perhaps facing a Virgin and Child with two angels (although the presence of wings is missing). It is, in any case, a Symbolist school, probably from Central Europe, which often represents the woman who is sacred, fatal or magical, in mysterious or fantasy decors. The presence of roses, apart from the strong symbolic power they have, appear here, by their color, a symbol of renewal because of the semantic relationship of the Latin rosa with ros, the rain, the dew. The work is incomplete, which explains the presence of a pencil drawing, which we see especially on the clear parts.

120×102  cm with walnut frame.